The Importance of Brand Consistency

Once you establish a brand for your business, using it in a consistent manner allows you to establish a standard foundation for all your marketing pieces. Just setting the standards does not make your brand consistent, however. 

You may think that using your logo in its proper Pantone colors on your marketing materials is being brand consistent. But brand consistency is not just about logos and colors.

By being consistent, you will help give your business recognition and creditability. Brand recognition moves you to the next level and your customers will develop trust and loyalty.

The best way to achieve this is to be consistent throughout your brand with the look, feel and verbiage and implement it on all marketing materials, including: business cards, websites, campaigns, signage, invoices, letterhead and all things related to your brand.

KFC Brand Standar.jpg

All companies should have a Brand Standard Guideline. This guideline will allow everyone to be on the same page when using your brand elements: name, logo, tagline, typeface, fonts, proper colors and any other brand attributes. Having a brand standard guideline helps keep the look and messaging consistent throughout your company.

Using a brand inconsistently can have a significant impact on your business, causing customers to lose trust in your business.

5 Simple Rules to Brand Consistency:

·         Use standardized colors and design styles

·         Keep all core messages aligned

·         Keep typefaces uniform and consistent

·         Keep imagery characteristics and illustrations uniform and consistent

·         Know your audience

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